Saturday, September 13, 2014

Compact sport binoculars now available!

I remember going to concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.  Awesome venue, but most seats are too far back for even our awesome 3x25 magnification opera glasses.  And who wants to lug around massive camping binoculars?

Well, we have provided a solution.  We now stock 8x21 magnification binoculars that are perfect for larger venues and outdoor events.  The 8x magnification gets you so much closer to the action than you can get with regular 3x and 4x opera glasses.  Another cool thing is that they fold and can easily fit inside your pocket.  They are barely larger than traditional opera glasses.

Not to be limited to the fine arts, these compact binoculars are just right for sporting events, camping, and just about any outdoor recreation.

These are really good!  You have got to try these.  The clarity is great and they are very light and versatile.  They are priced to move quickly this holiday season.  And of course, our amazing guarantee applies to our compact sport binoculars, as well.

Visit for the the best opera (and sport) glasses at the lowest prices and best guarantee.  With us, no matter where your seat it, you'll always have the best seat in the house.

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