Friday, April 18, 2014

Who is

The finer things in life are what is all about.  They really appreciate the fine arts--such as how the masterpiece of a orchestral symphony comes together--from a cacophany of individual noises, to a melody of something wonderful--a near-religious experience that leaves you calmly reflective long after the concert is over.

Stage performers present a quality craft. They know that their reputation and careers depend on it.  So do the staff at  Each of the 38 options of opera glasses / binoculars are quality checked before shipping to ensure that no theater goer ends up with inferior product.  Likewise, customer service and support are of the utmost importance.  Customer satisfaction and happiness are the true measures of success and they treat customer dissatisfaction as failure.  

So far, it is obvious they are a tremendous success. 

It is so easy to order by calling their toll-free order department at 800.925.5096, Customer Service at 801.613.0002, or inputting the order via the shopping cart.  Very easy indeed!

They are so confident of their product and service that all glasses come with a  lifetime guarantee, free customer service & the most generous return policy anywhere.  How awesome is that?!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Titanium Opera Glasses are now Champagne Opera Glasses.

What is in a name?  Quite a bit, actually.

A customer recently remarked that his Titanium & Gold opera glasses have no titanium in them.  My first thought was "Duh"!  Of course, he was aware that they wouldn't be made of titanium, but he expected the actual titanium color, which is not the matte gold of our fine opera glasses.

He is right.  So, we decided to change the name.

We think champagne is a more appropriate color description.  It also conveys a sort of chicness and prestige.  Therefore, the Titanium &Gold opera glasses are now Champagne & Gold Opera Glasses.
We think it's a better fit for something so elegant.  What do you think?

Like all colors, these come in the multiple styles, including Traditional, Traditional with light, Lorgnette Handle, Lorgnette Handle with Light (shown in image), Chain, & Chain with Light.

See these elegant Champagne opera glasses at

Saturday, April 5, 2014

4x30 Opera Glasses

Fine Opera Glasses is happy to announce the addition of 4x30 Opera Glasses to its already spectacular lineup of the world's best opera glasses / opera binoculars!  

Many customers inquired about binoculars with a higher magnification and we have listened.  We now carry this style in two classy colors--black and burgundy.  They are very chic and in high demand.

Visit today and see how we can help make your next theater experience even more memorable.